Simple Bridge Tone Control

stock pickguard
This modification does not alter the appearance of your guitar.

Andrew Rogers sent me e-mail describing this modification. It's so elegant I wish I'd thought of it. If you like the way the stock tone controls work in the neck/middle position (I don't) but you would still like to have a tone control on the bridge, this is how you can do it. The small capacitor MUST go on the "tone half" of the knife switch.

The tone controls work completely normally in positions one through four, but in the bridge-only position which normally has no tone control, the tone knob for the middle pickup will now control tone for the bridge. The added capacitor is of small value and is in series with the normal tone capacitor (decreasing total capacitance) so you don't lose the high tones, either. Neat solution, Andrew!

The new capacitor (shown in red) MUST be wired to the "tone half" of the selector switch!